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  • Harbut-Law-Header-2-1100x500
    4 Quality Self Catering Cottages
  • Harbut-Law-Header-7-1100x500
    In an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
  • Harbut-Law-Header-4-1100x500
    Easy reach of Alston, Northumberland & The Lake District
  • Harbut-Law-Header-8-1100x500
    On the Pennine Way
  • Cytotec tablets 200 mcg no prescription australia - Cheap generic cytotec no prescription

    Harbut Law is an ideal place to stay whilst visiting the beautiful countryside and interesting towns and villages in the North of England.

    We provide bed and breakfast accommodation in the main house, and our well appointed self catering cottages are an ideal base for a holiday in the area.

    Special Offer:

    Cytotec tablets 200 mcg no prescription australia - Cheap generic cytotec no prescription


    Harbut Law is in Alston, an old lead mining town in Cumbria, North England UK, there is no lead mining here now but our history can be seen all around, so much so that we are used for the setting of period films, such as the recent production of Oliver Twist for the BBC.

    Alston is an ideal base for visiting many areas of the North of England. Although we are in Cumbria, where the Lake District is, we are very close to Northumberland or Northumbria where Hadrian’s Wall and a great deal of Roman history can be found, in both areas there is a plenty of beautiful countryside to be seen, whether walking or driving.

    Harbut Law itself provides Bed & Breakfast service, available on nightly or weekly terms and has three self catering cottages for hire which are available on 3, 4 or 7 night terms.


    Around and about Harbut Law Cottages

    In the immediate vicinity of Alston there are a number of visitor attractions including the Tyne Valley Railway, Killhope Lead Mine and the historic streets and gift shops of Alston.

    Further afield there are lots of attractions and things to do within an hours drive of Harbut Law. See our buy cytotec online