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A two bedroom self catering cottage, sleeping 5, for holiday hire, recently converted and fully modernised from the Hay Loft of an old stone built farm building. The building had a milking parlour on the lower floor (now buy cytotec online made in america), and a hay loft above.

This comfortable, well furnished Cottage is ideally situated for a restful and interesting holiday in the countryside, see the buy cytotec online uk for ideas of where to visit whilst staying with us.

The cottage is pleasantly decorated, fully centrally heated and double glazed throughout.

There is an open plan sitting and kitchen/dining area. The spacious sitting area provides:-

  • A television.
  • An open coal fire.
  • Comfortable seating.
  • DVD player and Stereo.

The kitchen/dining area provide:-

  • A table with four chairs.
  • Electric cooker.
  • Refrigerator.
  • Dish washer.
  • Microwave.

A full range of cooking utensils and crockery are provided.

There are two bedrooms, one with set of bunks and a single bed, and one with a double bed. Duvets and bed linen are provided.

The Bathroom contains a bath with shower.

There is access to a shared laundry room and chest freezer.

The Hayloft sleeps 5 and all bed linen, electricity and heating are provided.

Shorter breaks are available though if you wish to book between April and the following January these are restricted to late bookings only.

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