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The highest golf course in England (1476 feet asl) Alston Moor offers a challenging 18 holes of golf, over its 10 greens and 18 tee positions (mens and ladies).

The club, is situated 2 miles south of Alston in 132 acres of parkland, high meadow and pasture land.

buy cytotec online uk

An inspiring Roman fort and historic landscape, sensitively farmed for thousands of years

buy cytotec online without prescription from canada

Walks around Aslton

The countryside around Alston, England’s highest market town, provides some of the buy cytotec online without prescription

buy cytotec no prescription offer self-led and guided walks in the area.

South Tynedale Railway

The North of England’s award winning buy real cytotec winding from Alston into the South Tyne Valley in the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Trains are hauled by steam, diesel or battery electric locos and all have a fascinating history.

Newcastle and Gateshead

The city of buy misoprostol australia is less than 50 miles away with all of its shops, restaurants, museums and nightlife.

Nearby Gateshead is the home of the buy misoprostol cheap without perscription and the famous Angel of the North.


buy cytotec online is an award winning 19th century mining museum in the centre of the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty , where you can experience the life and work of the lead mining families of the North Pennines.

Kielder Forest

buy cytotec online 200 mcg no prescription is home to the biggest man-made lake in Northern Europe and the largest working forest in England. There are three visitor centres, facilities for water sports, walking and cycling.


The North Pennines boasts some of the finest upland reservoirs and rivers, renowned for the quality of their fishing.

Day tickets are available from Alston Post Office to fish for salmon and sea trout on the river South Tyne.


The buy cytotec online canada passes through Alston. Information about cycling routes in the area can be found at buy cytotec online with no perscription.

Talkin Tarn

Here is a 65 acre lake set amid 120 acres of farmland and woodland. buy cytotec online with no prescription is an ideal place for active recreation or a quiet stroll through the mature woodlands.

 buy cytotec over the counter

Electric bikes are now available for residents and visitors to use in and around Alston Moor.  The bikes are available to collect from four hire points in Alston, Nenthead and Garrigill and are free to hire for Alston Moor residents.

 World Around Me (WAM) APP

Harbut Law is featured on the buy cytotec with no prescription

You can find all sorts of useful things to do around Harbut Law using the App

Around Alston

In the immediate vicinity of Alston there are a number of visitor attractions:-

  • The South Tyne railway is a preserved steam railway offering timetabled trips throughout the year.
  • Killhope lead mining centre provides lots of interesting information about the lead mining industry which used to be so common around here.
  • There are a number of gift shops and book shops.
  • Small teashops and pubs offer refreshment for the tourist.

Further Afield

There are lots of places within an hours drive from Alston and Harbut Law:-