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Harbut Law,
Brampton Road, Alston,
Cumbria, CA9 3BD
T: +44 (0)1434 381950

We are approximately 1 mile from Alston town center along the A689 towards Slaggyford, Haltwhistle and Brampton.

To find us from the M6 leave the motorway at Penrith (Jct 40) or Carlisle (Jct 43) The road from Penrith (A686) takes you through the hills, whereas from Carlisle (A69 & A689) the roads are generally along low farmland.

To find us from the A1(M) leave at Darlington following the A68 and then A689 again over some high moorland or Newcastle where you follow the A69 to Hexam then the A686 to Alston through lower rolling hills and farmland.

Alston is very central for a number of interesting towns cities and tourist attractions, see our buy cytotec online made in americafor more details